Robin Hood Forts

Robin Hood Forts
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Robins Tower

Robin's Tower is a 2-story fort (4'6" x 4'6" x 10' high) with all the bells & whistles: rock climbing wall, firepole, rope net ladder, turbo tube slide and flag pole with 3 flags! This is the base fort (no swings) - perfect for small yards and tight spaces.

Robin Hood 1 Swing

ROBIN HOOD'S FORT 1 SWING: This exceptional 2-story fort (4'6" x 4'6" x 10' high) comes with a Playhouse below, Turbo Tube Slide, Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole, Rope Net Ladder, Flag pole with 3 flags AND 3' long x 2' wide bridge over 1 disc swing.


Robin Hood 2 Swings

Robin Hood's Fort with 2 Swings is our most popular 2-story fort! The Tower is 4.5' x 4.5' x 10' high with 7' deck height and playhouse below. The 9' long bridge provides plenty of additional upper level play space.  Besides 2 belt swings, kids have challenging fun with a rock climbing wall, stainless steel firepole, turbo tube slide, flagpole with 3 flags and, at the end of the bridge, a rope net ladder. Choose rope net railings in place of fortress railings for a more open style. Choose your own colors for no additional charge. For example, this color palette reflects the warm colors of the main house.

Robin Hood 3 Swings

Robin Hood's Fort with 3 Swings has an extra-long 12' Bridge extending from the Fort to the Rope Net Ladder.  The Bridge is long enough to attach 3 belt swings underneath allowing 3 kids to swing at the same time.  All the other standard Robin Hood's Fort features are still there: the Rock Climbing Wall, the Firepole, the Turbo Tube Slide and the Rope Net Ladder at the end of the long Bridge.   ADD A PYRAMID ROOF for $3,800 or Gable Roof for $3,100. Choose your own color palette!