Used Kew Garden Cottage
Used Kew Garden Cottage

SOLD! FOR SALE BY OWNER: Used Kew Gardens Cottage with custom jungle animal carvings by Barbara Butler. 

SPECIFICATIONS:  6' x 6' wide x 10' high 1-story Playhouse with double layered cedar shingled Gable Roof, 6' long x 3' wide Interior Loft with railing & rung ladder, curved-top Dutch front door with sliding "who-goes-there" & doorknocker, mail slot with inside mailbox, cut-outs on the front & back walls, (2) curved-top side window openings with shutters & custom, and carvings by Barbara: Jaguar, Monkey, Giraffe, Elephant and Zebra!   Very unusual playhouse!

Owner is asking $3,990 (price does not include dismantle, delivery & re-installation).  A similar, brand new Kew Gardens Cottage with carvings would cost $18,290 plus delivery & installation (see Kew Garden Cottage).

If interested, please email: dana_weintraub@yahoo.com

Disclaimer: Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc is not offering this play structure for sale. This sale is through the owner. All inquiries & communications as to price, condition of structure, etc. must go through the owner via the email address above. Barbara Butler Artist-Builder Inc. offers this promotional service to our clients free of charge as a way to help recycle beautiful play structures.  For a standard quote for Barbara's crew to dismantle, deliver & re-install this fort at your home, please email  information @ barbarabutler.com, referencing Used Kew Garden Cottage with carvings  and include your zip code. Thank you.