Price list
PH120: Napa Valley Theater $43,440 Brochure

The Napa Valley Theater is made from all redwood lumber, that is carved & stained, and then finished with a clear coat of protective tung oil. Designed with kids in mind, this Stage is large and sturdy enough to handle everything - from impromptu skits to full production plays, not to mention rock & roll concerts.  Adults will have just as much fun as kids on this creative play structure. 

PH121: Sunshine Theater $47,920 Brochure

Sunshine Theater sits on a dreamy Florida site, under a spreading oak tree, surrounded by sand. Step up on stage from either side to make announcements, read poems or introduce a play. The wings at stage right and stage left give your little actors and actresses a place to adjust their costumes and wait their entrance queue. Sunshine Theater can stand alone or be part of a luxury play structure like its companion, Tropical Treehouse.

PH112: Kids Theater $11,620 Brochure

Kid's Theater is both a Theater and a Playhouse.  Draw the curtains and create a Playhouse with Dutch door and shuttered window.  Open the curtains and the Stage is set for a grand performance.

PH 122: Town Square Theater $60,220 Brochure

Town Square Theater has beautiful carvings reminiscent of an old-time vaudeville theater of the past. Perfect for residential or public use.

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