Hideaway Forts

Hideaway Forts
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Hideaway Fort

THE HIDEAWAY is our most compact, 2-story Fort at 16 SQ FT x 9' high with 6' deck height.  Upper level deck with 36" high fortress railings plus playhouse below with built-in bench over secret escape hatch. Comes with 3 great play features: Rock Climbing Wall, Rope Net Ladder, and Angled Rung Ladder. Fits in tight spaces!

Turbo Hideaway Fort

Turbo Hideaway Fort (4' x 4' x 9' high with 6' deck height): add a Turbo Tube Slide and a Pyramid Roof to the standard Hideaway Fort to create a super-charged Play Fort with 4 great play features: Rope Net Ladder, Rock Climbing Wall, Firepole and Turbo Tube Slide.

Swing Hideaway Fort

The Swing Hideaway has all the standard Hideaway features (Rock Wall, Firepole and Rope Net Ladder) plus a 9' long angled beam over 2 Swings.  The beam has a sawtooth strip on top to discourage kids from walking across, and an "A" frame at the end with a built-in bench seat.  This "forest" color palette lets the Swing Hideaway blend in with the surroundings. Choose your own colors!

Swing Turbo Hideaway


SWING TURBO HIDEAWAY has it all: Tower with Gable Roof, Playhouse below, Turbo Tube Slide, Rope Net Ladder, Rock Climbing Wall, stainless steel Firepole (or upgrade to Coil Climber for additional $400), plus an angled 8' long Swing Beam over 2 swings. A small footprint with big fun!