PA575: Zip Line Ride $3,900 and up

A "tree-to-tree" Zip Line (or Cable Ride) is what the older kids like best. They can spend hours going down a Zip Line! We attach heavy-duty aircraft cable to two trees and add the cable ride, which is a rescue-grade zipline trolly. Then we add a disc swing on rope as the seat. We spend a great deal of time selecting the trees, deciding on the distance, the drop and the amount of slack in the line for the ride. Then we set up a temporary zip line and start the testing to make sure it's a fast fun ride, but not too fast. That means we have to go on it again and again - a tough job but somebody's got to do it! Once we get the ride zipping along just right, we attach the permanent cable to the trees and hand it over to the kids!

Note: A tree-to-tree Zip Line Rides may reguire a Take-off Platform of some type to get the best ride. Scroll down for several different types of "Take-off" platforms that we offer. Pricing based on 50 foot long tree-to-tree zipline ride. Zipline ride only available for purchase in conjunction with purchasing a treehouse.

Bluebird Treehouse additional!

TH 616: Tree Perch $8,340 and up

A Zip Perch is built with "wedges" attached around a tree. Each wedge has 38" high fortress railings and cantilevered supports. Each Tree Perch is unique and will vary depending on the size of the tree & the number of wedges needed. A rung ladder provides access from the ground. A Tree Perch can be a great "take-off" platform for a Zip Line Ride (cable ride priced separately) or as a stand-alone play fort.

Estimated TREE PERCH fabrication pricing:

  • 1-Wedge Tree Perch with Rung ladder: $8,340 PLUS DELIVER & INSTALLATION
  • 2nd wedge: additional $5,550 PLUS DELIVER & INSTALLATION
  • 3rd wedge: additional $6,200 PLUS DELIVER & INSTALLATION
PA571: Stump House $13,700 and up

A Stump House sits on top of a tree stump. Generally, a Stump House has 38" high railings, a Pyramid Roof, a Super Slide as the fast exit and a rung ladder as the way up from the ground.

PA574: Crows Nest $19,900 and up

The Crows Nest is built at a 7' deck height up & around a tree with 38" high railings and cantilevered support posts attached to the tree with Garnier Limb hardware.