PA523: Ship's Wheel $ 350

Add a redwood Ship's Wheel with Doug Fir spokes that spins & twirls to transform any part of the play structure into a ship sailing on the high seas!
Color:  Dark Walnut.
Time to create order (not including shipping time): 5 work days.

To purchase in a different color palette, please call to place your order (may extend "time to create" if color not in stock). Delivery and/or installation additional.

PA521: Double water cannon $1,100

The Double Water Cannon swivels to extend its reach. It's handmade from metal parts and mounted on a wooden plate that can be screwed onto a wood railing. It comes with a coiled hose that you attach to your garden hose.  Then, just pull back on the hand grips and watch out below! This is a great play accessory when summers are hot.
Time to create order (not including shipping time): 5 work days. Delivery and/or installation additional.

PA533: Toy Box $2,480

Redwood Toy Box with slated sides (to allow for air flow) and a caulked tongue & groove lid with safety closer hinges so little fingers won't get pinch or heads bumped.  Hand-carved double heart design on the lid. Dimensions: 42" long x 20" deep x 20" high.

Colors: parsley with magenta trim & hearts and sunny inside lid.

Time to create order (not including shipping time): 5 work days.

To specify hand-carved double diamonds (in place of hearts) at no extra charge, call to place order.

To purchase in a different color palette, please call to place your order (may extend "time to create" if color not in stock).

PA531: Monkey Bars $130 each

Add powder-coated, metal Monkey Bars under the Bridge.  Great for older kids - adds challenge and helps build upper body strength. Dimensions: 1" wide x 4" deep x 22" long.
Color: green or black (call to check if in stock)
Cost to purchase in a custom color (other than green or black) is $140 per order. Custom colors are non-returnable.

PA522: Pulley Bucket $730

Add a Pulley Box & Bucket as the fun way to bring "grub" and stuff to the upper level of the fort. The pulley box comes with a bucket, rope and a swivel ring that attaches with screws to the base of the fort (for the rope to go through). The Pulley Box bolts to an existing 4x4 post (bolts are included but the post is not included). Some skilled installation is required. Instructions and hardware are included.
Allow to process order (shipping time additional): 5 business days.

PA550: Speaking Tube $560 and up

The Speaking Tube is made from brass pipe with covered end pieces. Locate indoors or outdoors - whispered conversations can be held up to 200' away!


PA528: Parallel Rings $320 for set of 2

Parallel Rings with multi-rotational swivel and chain. Set of 2.

PA27: Hand-over-Hand Bars $6,540 per 8' run

Hand-over-Hand Bars with routed footing posts with metal sleeves, powder coated bars and rock hold footholds. Comes in various lengths and configurations.

PA526: Balance Beam $1,100

9' long redwood Angled Balance Beam (ground smooth & stained) on short posts to be sunk in concrete.  Low to the ground, it is a fun and safe way for kids to improve motor skills.

PA530: Carved Climbing Pole $1,380

A notched and carved climbing pole in the color palette of choice.

PA529: Swinging Gates $740 for 24" gate

Swinging gate with curved top and heart cut-outs. Comes with exterior grade hardware. Available in various sizes.

PA532: Ship's Ladder $3,800

Our Ship's Ladder will provide the safe, easy way up for young children and adults.  Great for parents who want to follow behind when their toddlers first start climbing.  Other handy features: hand rails set at adult & child's height, closed risers and decorative finial ball tops. Available in the color palette of your choice.

PA534: Window Flower Boxes $320

Redwood Window Flower Boxes, carved and stained in the color palette of your choice, are perfect for dressing up the outside of a playhouse.

PA535: Password Tumbler $1,480

You have to know the secret word (and you have to know how to spell) to decode the Password Tumbler.  Most forts & castles have guards stationed inside tp prevent passage through the door unless you can spell the secret word on the Password Tumbler.  How do they know you spelled the right word?  Whatever is spelled on the outside, is also what shows on the inside. Brilliant!

PA536: Arched "Dry Creek" Bridge $2,200

A small free-standing Arched "Dry Creek" Bridge over a dry bed adds a lovely touch to the landscaping and is fun for the kids to play on.  comes with curvy trims and finial ball tops.  Available in the color palette of your choice.

PA537: Ticket Booth window $370

Add a Ticket Booth Window to a playhouse and it becomes a theater, a bank, a train station, a super market, or what ever imaginative game youngsters want to play.  Your choice of metal powder-coated bars or plexiglass.